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Picture of a male Nurses standing behind a Nurses Station, smiling.
Picture of a male Nurses standing behind a Nurses Station, smiling.

Inpatient Hospital Services

The Jackson County Hospital is a 25 bed dually certified hospital that provides care to patients in an acute bed and skilled bed setting. Inpatient Services are provided for care and treatment of inpatient needs under the direct care of our skilled physicians. Every patient at Jackson County Hospital is treated by a member of our medical team which includes goals to achieve positive outcomes in managing patient healthcare. The hospital provides an excellent approach to treatment and recovery for acute illnesses. The nursing staff delivers optimal care to the patient while giving them the comfort of choosing details relating to their individualized care plans. At Jackson County Hospital we believe the patient is a part of their positive outcome and should be directly involved in their healthcare needs. The ancillary departments support the inpatient nursing services so that every detail of the patient's treatment plan can be tested and tracked for continuity of care. Laboratory, Radiology, Physical Therapy, Cardiopulmonary are just a few examples of the departments that offer continuous support in treating patient for optimal outcomes at Jackson County Hospital.

Services include 24 hour licensed nursing and physician care, social services, restorative therapy, diabetes management, wound care, IV Therapy, nutrition services with exceptional dining experiences.

Jackson County Hospital wants to be your hospital of choice. We strive to deliver excellent care and customer service to our patients.

Jackson County Hospital provides professional and quality care to the members of our community.