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Picture of Hurricane Support JCHD Staff smiling. There is eight females and two males smiling.
Picture of Hurricane Support JCHD Staff smiling. There is eight females and two males smiling.

Hurricane Support

For those in the chaos of Harvey, these next few weeks may be some of the hardest of your life and may test your faith and your resilience. You may wonder what some of the feelings you have mean; you may ask if how you feel is "right" or "wrong". It is important to remember that feelings are not "right" or "wrong"; they are just feelings, so feel them. What matters is what you do with how you are feeling. Control what you can and let the processes in place take care of the rest. The storm will pass, literally and figuratively. You will see rainbows again.

What is important will shift - in the best possible way. What once seemed so important suddenly is not. You and your family are safe and alive. That simple. Your beloved pets are alive - Again, that simple.

You will realize that you actually have more stuff then you need. You may have lost a lot of stuff. Stuff is not what makes life great. Your friends, your family, your work, your passion; that is what makes life great.

There is help everywhere. Help will present its self to you in the days and weeks ahead. Be a grateful receiver.

If you need help, we are here. Our Heritage Program for Senior Adults may be the solution you are seeking. It serves elder adults who suffer from emotional, behavioral or mental health disorders. Learn more about this program by clicking here.

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Resources for Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery

Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery:



Current Evacuation Routes

Road Closures

Texas Department of Transportation


Local Red Cross Locator

Red Cross Smartphone Apps

Apps will update people on current flooding situation and provide information on safety during a disaster.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

500 C Street Southwest

Washington, DC 20472


If a disaster is declared, please call to apply for assistance by phone, or visit

Texas Department of Public Safety - Division of Emergency Management

Family Temporary Assistance Program

Local Salvation Army Locator

Get valuable information on Making a Plan, Building a Kit that meets your family's needs and viewing Texas specific Videos on the importance of preparation: (English & Spanish, Checklists in various languages)

The Texas Division of Emergency Management has a variety of materials for preparedness and safety tips for different types of disasters and emergencies, including an evacuation checklist.

Basic Information regarding Emergency Preparedness for Texans who are Deaf:

Surviving Disaster Videos link on (Sign Language, Braille, Large Print options)

2-1-1 ( provides a voluntary registry for people who need assistance and evacuation in the case of a hurricane or natural disaster. The public may register year-round. Registry information will be forwarded to local Offices of Emergency Management (OEMs). Local OEMs have the responsibility for coordinating evacuations.

As an additional resource, we have provided the website information for AirBNB and VRBO, which may offer reduced rates for housing in times of disaster.