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COVID-19 Vaccine Facts

The best way to stop COVID-19 is by utilizing all the preventative tools that are available. This includes hand washing, wearing a mask, social distancing, and vaccination. Vaccines are one of the most effective tools we have to protect our health and prevent disease. Vaccines work with your body's natural defenses so it will be ready to fight the virus if you are exposed.

Pfizer Community Vaccine Clinics

Every Wednesday from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
By appointment only.
Vaccines are free to the public.
Please click link below to register.
If you have any questions please call Meghan Chiles 361-782-7885.

Click Here to register for your COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine Facts:

  • The vaccine works with your body's natural defenses to fight the virus.
  • Studies show that the vaccine is very effective at preventing you from getting COVID-19.
  • Experts believe that getting the vaccine may keep you from becoming seriously ill even if you do get COVID-19.
  • The vaccine does not give you the virus itself.
  • The vaccine is safe and has been through the same safety testing and meets the same standards as all other vaccines produced through the years.
  • Some may feel side effects like sore muscles, tiredness or a mild fever. These reactions mean the vaccine is working to help teach your body how to fight COVID-19.
  • Different types of COVID-19 vaccines are available. Most of these vaccines are given in two shots, one at a time and spaced apart. The first shot gets your body ready. The second shot is given at least three weeks later to make sure you have full protection.
  • At this time experts don't know how long the vaccine will protect us from the virus. For this reason, it's recommended to continue following guidelines for handwashing, social distancing, and wearing a mask.

*Source - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

If you have more vaccine-related questions, please talk with your primary healthcare provider.