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Jackson County Hospital District Healthy News

At Jackson County Hospital District, we want to keep our community informed on the latest happenings at our facilities and with our dedicated staff. The following are a few articles published over the past few years highlighting our growth and our dedication to our community.

2017 Relay for Life Aug. 15 Kickoff Event (8/15/2017)

2017 Relay for Life Schedule (10/21/2017)

If You Take These Medications, Then You Should Avoid the Sun (7/25/2017)

Would you Know What to do if Someone Was Drowning? (7/17/2017)

Beach Bound? Here's What You Need to Know (6/26/2017)

Texas Snakes and How to Avoid Their Bite (6/19/2017)

Six Ways Going Outside Improves Your Quality of Life (5/25/2017)

Studies Show Interaction with Loved Ones Speed Your Recovery Post Surgery (5/19/2017)

Finding a Interventional Pain Management Specialist (4/24/2017)

Stomach Bug: Not Flu, But Time-Consuming! (4/17/2017)

The Surprising Truth About Youth and Colorectal Cancer (3/27/2017)

What You Should Know When Choosing Home Healthcare (3/20/2017)

The Quarter Life Crisis: Why Millennials Should be Concerned About Heart Disease Now (2/23/2017)

The Quarter Life Crisis: Why Millennials Should Be Concerned About Heart Disease Now (2/17/2017)

Do These 9 Things And You May Avoid The Flu (2/17/2017)

Are You at Risk of Heart Disease? (1/27/2017)

New Year, New You? Avoid These Common Pitfalls (1/17/2017)

10 Small Steps to a Happier New Year (12/15/2016)

New Year New You. Avoid These Common Pitfalls (1/17/2017)

Why Local Swing Bed Program Can Help You Recover Quickly and Comfortably (12/22/2016)

Three Strategies to Effectively Managing and Reducing Your Holiday Stress (11/22/2016)

Holiday Remake: Recipes That Are So Good You Will Think You Are Cheating (11/15/2016)

10 Things You May Not Have Known About Breast Cancer (10/17/2016)

Genuine Ways to Support a Friend Diagnosed with Breast Cancer (9/29/2016)

5 Ways to Prepare Your Child's Health Before School Starts (8/10/2016)

Shortness of Breath and Constant Cough - Could it be COPD? (7/12/2016)

Over 40 - It's Time to Change Your Health and Fitness (6/22/2016)

3 Tasty Ways to Prevent Diabetes and Get Lean This Summer (5/23/2016)

Donating the gift of life (1/05/2016)

Ambulances turned over to hospital district (9/09/2015)

Hospital district will take over EMS for ESD3 (8/25/2015)

Hospital district expands indigent care (3/05/2015)

JCHD employees provide for 'angels' (12/24/2014)

Wellness Center well received (12/30/2013)

Taking the healthy challenge (12/04/2013)

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